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A Holistic approach to health and well-being, mind, body and spirit

Therapeutic and relaxation massage sessions personalized with you in mind.

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Massage By Vickie, formerly of Santosha Space Massage, is now located at A Step To Health, an Integrative Health Care Center, in Hillsborough, NC.


Address:  410 Millstone Dr, Hillsborough, NC 27278

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By appointment only.

About Vickie

Vickie Fitzsimmons, a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, has been a licensed massage and bodywork practitioner since 2003.

Vickie’s work, a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, is designed to promote relaxation, ease restrictions and reduce stress all in an effort to bring the body into balance and alignment. Each session is specifically designed for the needs of the individual. With the clients permission pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are incorporated into each massage.

Vickie is fascinated by the interconnectedness of the body and strongly believes we are not the sum of our parts but rather an interconnected whole with innate intelligence that allows for optimal functioning and healing. She loves learning about the body and sharing that knowledge with her clients.


“There is a way of being which is lighter, which is freer. A way in which work as well as play becomes a dance and living a song.”

~~Milton Trager


LMBT NC 15450


  • Vickie is a wizard! Just tell her what hurts and she will fix it! I have been with her for 14 years and would not trade her in for anyone else, to put my body back in position.

    Josphine I.

  • A massage by Vickie is always what I need. She is a kind, intuitive therapist, through and through. Vickie begins her session with getting to know me in that moment so she can customize my massage for what I physically, mentally and emotionally need. Vickie confidently addresses aches and stresses with a specialized massage and, if wanted, sound advice about living a healthy lifestyle.

    Christine (client 10+ yrs)

  • If you are looking for a compassionate and skilled practitioner, look no further. Many massage therapists only know how to provide one type of massage that they learned in school. Vickie draws from years of experience to provide a tailor made massage for exactly what ails you. She has provided massage therapy to me for over a decade, always leaving me feeling refreshed and relaxed. Without reservation, I highly recommend Vickie as your massage practitioner.

    Laura S.

  • My friend referred me to Vickie and I am so grateful. I was in dire straits for a great therapist that I could feel comfortable with and Vickie was that therapist from the start. She put me completely at ease and met my every challenging need. I became so relaxed and felt so safe throughout our sessions I often fell asleep. When each session came to an end I felt like a new woman! If you are looking for a fantastic massage therapist, look no further because Vickie Fitzsimmons is it!!!

    Tina H.

  • Vickie is one of the best massage therapists my husband and I have ever gone to and we love our massages. She not only listens to her clients' needs and feedback but she has an intuitive sense when she works and can respond and work with the body to get the maximum therapeutic benefit. Working quietly, no tricks, no fancy add ons, she is the real deal and you leave her table transformed.

    Y & J White

  • We started seeing Vickie when we decided to make massage a regular part of our health care. Her office and demeanor made us feel welcome and relaxed. Over the years Vickie's massages just got better and better as she got to know our aches and pains (and bad habits) She always asked if we had any special concerns and adjusted her massage to those particular needs. She was never rushed, often gave helpful advice and was sincerely interested in each of us as a whole person.  

    Sue and Norman

  • I wanted to let you know, I feel sooo much better this morning after yesterday's massage. I have full range of motion again in my neck with no pain or discomfort! Thank you so much! This is the best I've felt in a long time. 

    Mike K.